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Stories about Northwick

There are more than 70 Northwick stories, some of which are only available on this website. Nine stories were published in the illustrated book "Tales of Northwick."

For a more detailed description, and to view two sample stories, about the 'Tales of Northwick book' please click here.


Ten stories, including seven from the book, are also available on audio CD. The stories are narrated by TV, film and stage actress Lizzie Roper.


Click on the links below to download PDFs of selected Northwick stories.



“It is a brill book. My boy is 11 and although he cannot read due to other issues he loves the stories in it.”

– Emma Louise.



"A Sticky Problem" (free audio download)

Listen to Northwick advise Frank on reading in "A Sticky Problem", one of the 10 stories on the audio CD version of the "Tales of Northwick" book.

The stories on the CD are read by actress Lizzie Roper.



  •    A Sticky Problem - audio track


Fund out how to buy the 'Tales of Northwick" book and CD by contacting us.



Northwick International


Northwick - Dutch"Auto Oder Kuchen?"

("Cars or Cake?" translated into German. October 2017.)




Northwick - Dutch"Balder Gaat er op Uit"

("Northwick Rides Again" translated into Dutch. December 2015.)




Northwick - Italian"Un Orsetto Senza Nome"

La prima storia di Northwick tradotto in italiano. (The very first Northwick story translated into Italian.)




Northwick - Czech"Dorty a Dotazy"

Czech language version of the story "Cakes and Questions" from the Northwick Story Card for Hospitals.




Northwick - Dutch"De avonturen van Balder"


'Balder' Published by Kraft MediaNetherlands based publisher Kaft Media has, in 2012, produced a Dutch language edition of the "Tales of Northwick" book under the title "De avonturen van Balder". The Dutch edition contains the same nine stories about Northwick, the bear with nystagmus, as the original English language edition published by the Nystagmus Network.


The book was translated by Els Cornax, whose grandson has nystagmus.


"Friends of mine who ordered the book or have been handed it, give me as feedback that they now know more about what Nystagmus means and how it can affect someone's life. Children like the book for the stories and take the rest on board at the same time."

– Els Cornax


Kaft Media changed Northwick's name to Balder for two reasons. Firstly the "th" sound does not exist in Dutch. Secondly, "Balder" is the Dutch word for bear-like. A percentage of the cover price goes to the UK charity the Nystagmus Network which supports people with nystagmus and encourages research into this eye condition.



Comments about the Northwick book and stories

The stories help children and their families understand what it’s like to have nystagmus.


"I would like to order one of the bears. I gave a book to my daughter's school and they said they will do a story time with the bear to try and get the other children to understand my daughter's nystagmus. They thought the book was a brilliant idea and after reading it I have to agree. Thanks."

– Sarah.


"In order to explain to Callum that he sees the world in a different way to us we have used the Tales of Northwick stories. He and his 8 year old sister have enjoyed the stories and we have been able to use the stories as a point of discussion about how this compares to what Callum sees."

– Callum's mum.


"Northwick stories are brilliant and have helped me to understand what my son goes through. Keep up the good work! "

– Lorraine.


The stories help doctors, nurses and everyone working in hospital eye departments to see through the eyes of someone with nystagmus.


"I absolutely love the Tales of Northwick book. It's so well written and the pictures are lovely. It's a great help to children in understanding nystagmus and it informs parents too about what it's like to look through the eyes of someone with nystagmus."

– hospital orthoptist.


The stories help teachers and other school staff working with children who have nystagmus too.


"Thank goodness for Northwick! He has travelled to 2 nurseries and to school now, giving the teachers a great insight into Olivia's world. Where teachers may skim read sheets of paper with info on Nystagmus, they all read Northwick in detail! Don't think he's just for children!"

– Maxine, Olivia’s mum.


“The Northwick bear story about school and the difficulties really resonated with me when I read it. That’s exactly the problem my daughter has. I will be taking the story into school.”

– Diane.




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